Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exceptional Gay Moment

Baby Sasha was known for music choices that made our hearts sing. Sasha, skating to Celine, with the commentary of Dick, Peggy and Terry was beyond words.

While Sasha performed this program a few times, the choreography was never the same or as magical. Sasha's ADD and improved skating hindered the rawness of this skate. Even the mistakes are marvelous.

And even early on, Uncle Dick's gay heart went into overdrive and produced unforgettable moments in commentary history.

Dick: Now watch the way she does this Russian split jump. The fullness of the split! The height of it! And this double loo(p) watch the edge right there coming out of the jump.

She skates to the music. She also skates to more than just the music.

Terry: Meaning what Dick? (You know it wasn't the only time Mr. Gannon wanted to ask that question.)

Dick: That she adds more. She not only, she not only plays the music, she plays what's not there. Play what's there, but play what's not there.

Look at this. She gives this more than is required.

Peggy: A little shaky on that triple toe. She does. not. hit. a bad position. She is very finished off down to the pointed toe.

Dick: She has a presence that simply doesn't stop. The stretch! The line!

Sasha Mania!!! (Shortly followed by the coining of the Sasha Split, the Sasha Curl, The Sasha Spiral, The Sasha Skid and the Sasha Splat)

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