Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Moment with Martha

She seems worn out after having to break some hearts tonight of her old favorites.


  1. It sounds like she's tired of "team leaders" blowing their own horns about being a leader, instead of just getting the job done...

  2. What's more important than gymnastics? Yuna is going for Sochi y'all !!!

  3. Marta is just pissed that she couldn't hide the fact she was about to cheat and name Nastia to the Olympic team with a behind the scenes closed camp to hide said cheating.

    She told Nastia she was on the team if she hit night two of Trials and thankfully she fell and we didn't have to witness the cheating.

    She loves the rivalry because she created it. I wanna see Gabby nearly fall off beam and still get a 14.850 in front of real judges.

    Marta likes to blame mind games.