Sunday, July 1, 2012

Interviews with the Ladies

McKayla Maroney

We have confirmation that Bela would LOVE to coach Raisman.  His comments about Russia are hysterical.  He also implies that Borden was not on the same level in 1996.

Gabby Douglas

Liang Chow

Sarah Finnegan

John Geddert

Anna Li proved so many of us wrong.  Cheers for Anna.

Nastia Liukin

Elizabeth Price

Kyla Ross

Jordyn Wieber

Alicia and Rebecca did not speak to the press.


  1. I'm so happy Anna is going! And Finnegan and Price too - I think I'm more happy about the alternates than the team. And the men are Hot this year. Going to be fun just drooling over them

  2. LOL, sooo true! About the men. :). Truth be told, I'm more excited for the men's competition this year.

  3. wow Bela has really gone downhill health wise, I can barely understand him. Not sure he should be on camera anymore.

  4. I think it's the Romanian you can't understand. He did get Aly confused with Alicia but I could understand his points perfectly. I think you are having trouble with the accent. I watch gym videos all the time so I am used to the way he, Martha, and Comaneci talk LOL

  5. Also is that Bart talking to McKayla at the beginning of the "confessions" video?????