Saturday, October 5, 2013

Antwerk EFs Day 1 by @CattyComments - WAG VT UB, MAG FX, PH & SR

Kittens, it's me, Catty. It's 5:30am leftist coast. The national parks may be shut down but I Antwerq for you. However, there is the matter of only one comment yesterday. Your comments today will determine whether this is a live blog tomorrow or a blissful tape delay blog.

Live video:
Start list:
Live scoring: (currently down)

Let's party this get started. Need coffee.

Men's FX:

King Kohei JPN - amazing landings, including the patented stuck triple full. Bow down kittens. 15.500.

Steve Legendre USA! USA! USA! - sick opening front double full, immediate tucked double front, one step. Open piked double arabian dismount. 6.8D, but only 15.366.

San Diego Hypolito BRA - more hops than CHN hoppy (AAer Zhou). No medal for Sandy Eggo Hyppo. Which doesn't bode well for Legendre, because his 6.9 D ties him at 15.366.

Fabuchen, GER - sticks both front passes with a giant birthing squat. Which we would mind, but Fabuchen. Lovely flairs sequence. Messy tuck full-in to finish, slid feet, hop back. We are living for the hearty IAmLegendre/Fabuchen hug afterward. 15.300.

Dalton, USA - .3 hops the giant opening pass, then cold sticks the piked double Arabian that dropped from the moon. Sticks the triple full dismount better than Kohei - he only needs the Kohei mop hair to complete the effect. Magic of the red shorts kittens. Mark Williams feels the powah of the red shorts. Kohei is looking slightly interested. 15.6! Ahead of King Kohei! Kohei crosses his arms to say "Oklahoma, please."

Scott Morgan, Canadiana - Sticks opening double layout 1/1 pass. Lovely early '90s retro double layout, punch front 1 1/4. Great landings in the interior. Side pass running double full front, tucked front 1/1.  Large step forward on the dismount tuck full-in - hopefully it doesn't mess up the rest of the score and it does - 14.7ish something whatevs.

Purv, GBR - did someone perform? I only saw a giant white light with messy legs on an opening tucked 1/1 or 2/1 (white blur), but great layout Thomas and only .1 step on dismount. 15.400 - IAmLegend/San Diego Hippo are down to 4th.

Shirai, JPN - all bow to the twisting teen - he's 17! A couple of hops, so apparently he does have nerves. Opening 3.5 immediate 2.5 that finished with a step cross-legged. Ends with a shuffle on the quad full. Looks like he did the full 7.4D routine. Love the ninja butterfly pass into corner - kittens, THAT is how you win judging love. Jake Dahltoon is hopeful but really, he shouldn't be - the only hope is the steps. Waiting, waiting. Photogs are picking which one of them to be near for a reaction. 16.000 with that gaudy 7.4D. Floor dude, you delivered.

Kenzo of the Shirai 16.000 gold, Dahltoon silver, Kohei bronze. MARCH KITTENS!

Men's Finals - Floor Results

Women's vault - already we see that there was some scheduling confusion, since Beijing vault gold & silver medalists Hong & Chussy had to interrupt their swimming, climb out of the pool and run to vault finals.

Guilianaja Steingruber SUI - Vault 1, rudi, nice - she's really mastered the pike to pop off the table, only slightly separated legs on the preflight. We see a billion replays from a billion angles to admire the crossed feet. 15.500, 9.3E. Vault 2, decent DTY, landed low & abruptly in a deep pike, small step forward. Why does she have advertising on her boobage? 14.966.

Pena DOM - we light a candle so she makes her 1st vault, a double front (Produnova) around. She barely lands feet first before bouncing back onto her but because she still hasn't mastered the repulsion from the table. But, survival kittens! The candles worked! 14.6ish, because it's a 7.0 D, 7.6ish E. Horrid 2nd vault, a straddled DTY she lands stiff-legged and pitches into a back roll upon landing. Poor kid. 13.466.

Chussy UZB - Really? You had to go from GER to UZB the year Worlds were held in Belgium? The crowd would be twice as loud if you had that GER next to your name. Messy-legged rudi, 14.633. Vault 2 - Tsuk 1.5, large hop forward. Her blue w/ yellow sleeveless leo does look like she just arrived from poolside. She looks less than happy - 14.533. That won't content here today.

Phan VIE - the lovely Tokyo vault medalist looks ready for action. She had good qualification scores but a low, piked, messy-legged rudi landed with a side step did not do her any favors. 14.966. Vault 2 - flashed Amanar, but it's a DTY while still twisting into the mat. She never got the twist around, risked her knee health and is lucky to still be intact. 13.633. See kid, what if you had done the nice DTY you have?

Netteb NED - Vault 1, pitches back & falls on her DTY. It didn't look dangerous, but she has now suffered the knee injury everyone expected Phan to have.

Biles USA! USA! USA! - After scraping Netteb off the mat, it's up to the new World AA champion to go. Vault 1 - huge Amanar, twisted feet, small hop to side, and the crowd gives her the appropriate love. 15.933, and she needs to land somewhere near her feet to pass Steingruber. Love the American purple leo, although it would be nice if they did the not put the blinding fabric on the torso. Vault 2 - layout Pod, tiny hop! What a difference a year makes! Literally, a year ago she would've bounced around all over the place on that vault. 15.258 and she moves ahead of SteinerMcGruber.

Hong PRK - my kickstarter will be to add sleeves to the PRK leotards. I'll do a Alyssa Milano somber slightly crying mostly pleading video - every day. She vaults... sleeveless. Won't you help? Vault 1 - great preflight Amanar, but large hop forward since she was still slightly twisting. 15.566. Messy 2nd vault (just a Cheng - whatevs, right?) and Biles remains in the lead.

MEMETIME USA - The Olympic vault silver medalist who launched a thousand memes has a slight preflight leg separation, appears to stick then has an awkward step to the side to salute. Judges give her a gaudy 9.7E, but a -.1 ND, 15.9ish to score right around Biles' Amanar. Vault 2 - Mustafina, step forward - we'll see if she gets the score to give her the gold over Biles' almost stuck vault which was 1/2 twist less. 15.483, and she does it!

Gold - MEMETIME. Silver - Biles. Bronze - Sleeveless PRK. MEDALS KITTENS!

Women's Finals - Vault ResultsRkNameNOCTotal1MARONEY Mc KaylaUSA
6PHAN Thi Ha ThanhVIE
8NETTEB ChantyshaNED

Pommel Horse

Zhang CHN - hits. Fluffy hair. Looks happy. 15.600.

Busnari ITA - he's not a rhythm guy - he codewhores the hell out of pommels by flairing to handstand after a few circles. So imagine a guy who circles, practices a dismount sequence, and then gets back to circling. We love a smart codewhore and we miss PH flairs. Thank you Alberto! 7.1D, ties for first at 15.600!

Sellathurai AUS - blindingly fast low circles, but literally hits his lowness into the side of the PH and is off. Adore the rhythm but it didn't pay off for him this time. 14.033

Whitlock GBR - we are rooting for Whitlock to become the first human to air flair pommel horse, since he already does it on fx, and he has fluffy hair and a delightful accent. Great counter-rotation circles, shows off the dismount sequence. He needs better toepoint all around. Max, work the feet & toes - they are your PH friendsies. Good routine! A camera closeup shows what looks like duct tape on a finger - what the heck is that? Into 1st with a gaudy 7.2D and 15.633!

Seligman CRO - questionable shadow beard but lovely high, fast circles. He looks like he's being sped fast forward, but unfortunately speeds too fast to get himself into the desired handstand for the dismount - he just circles off & salutes. 15.433.

Kameyama JPN - does a Busnari-like sequene at the beginning but so. much. style. Great circles, literally pike presses to handstand for the dismount. Great routine. 15.833! Well deserved!

Corral Barron MEX - ahhhhh, white pants white socks doing lovely scissors, then a melange of great circles, slight pause pressing to handstand but demonstrates control and great pirouette to dismount. Another 15.633, which is apparently the new black. And Mexico has an EF medal!

Petrov, RUS - Petrol has totes gorge flairs, now nice circles but has some leg separations saving a sequence. Good routine, nice dismount - I expect more from him. Also, can we note the nice white Russian MAG v-neck jerseys and how good they look on men with a tan, Sam Mikulak? 15.416.

Men's Finals - Pommel Horse ResultsRkNameNOCTotal1KAMEYAMA KoheiJPN

Womens bars!

Jinnan CHN - nice Khorkina, Pak, Khorkina 2 transition. Catches the Gaylord but low, and peels off the high bar almost onto her face and a fall. So sad - she really had a chance for a gold here. Her green & yellow sleeveless leo makes her look like an Aussie transplant from PRK, but I like the leo. 14.633 but a gaudy 6.9 D score.

Huang CHN - purple, pink & white version of Jinnan's leo. Piked stalder on low bar. Same transition sequence as Jinnan. Ono to piked Jaeger. Tuck full in dismount, stuck. Great job, especially for gripless bar work. She waves at the camera and we love her. 15.400.

Downie GBR - a bright pink leo trying to capture Team USA PINKVEGAS POWAH - great routine including a Ricna and piked Tkachev and right before the dismount, over on a handstand and is off. What a shame! 13.800

Scheder GER - nice form including a difficult straight shoot to high and inside stalder Khorkina - is that a Komova I? Hop back on her low tuck full-in dismount. She works bars quickly & cleanly. 14.683

Biles USA - in qualifications, she was "Simon" Biles. Today she's See-mone-ay! Good clean start, still foot form issues on the Tkachev, rocks the piked Tkachev-Pak sequence, one hop on her tuck full-in dismount. She needs to keep her legs together on casts and the Maloney. 14.716

Ross USA - lovely routine aside from the foot separations on the transitions. Sticks the double layout dismount. LonginesRoss delivered. 15.266, into 2nd place behind Huang.

DBF RUS - Bitch wants her gold. Doesn't connect the 2nd transition to high, but really nailing the rest of the routine including the Seitz. Can't disguise 2 steps back on her Mustafina dismount - too bad. Between that and the lost connection it might put her behind Huang. 15.033, into 3rd. Huang is really starting to realize what is going on now - it's doubtful final competitor Harrold can pass her.

Harrold GBR - This is a great routine including a Bhardwaj and inside Stalder Shaposh to immediate shoot through to low, like Mary Lou Retton had in 1984. What is it with the Retton reminders this week? 2 steps back on her low double front dismount. 14.333.

Bars final - Huangadangdang gold, Longines silver, DBF bronze.

Women's Finals - Uneven Bars ResultsRkNameNOCTotal1HUANG HuidanCHN
6YAO JinnanCHN

Rings final! Phew, I'm sleepy, but Brandon Wynn's tan gives me the energy & self confidence to push through!

Ait Said FRA - nice clean routine, got interrupted by a text from a gym friend in town. 15.500

Balandin RUS - this guy ALL DAY EVERY DAY - holy cannoli. He doesn't swing up to anything - he presses directly into a planche or a Maltese. Sick, sick controlled strength. Well deserved 15.733 into first.

Nabarrete BRA - hits cold, sticks the dismount but I still can't stop thinking about Balandin's routine - everything else looks easy compared to it. And now stupid arena music won't stop playing. 15.800 to pass Balandin.

Pinheiro Rodrigues FRA - I don't even know that insane strength move he just did - it's an upside down Maltese. Unfortunately puts his hand down on the dismount. 14something.

Wynn USA - See Sam? Your white jersey will show off your tan! And your insane strength because Wynn is killing it. FLARES his double layout 1/1 dismount and sticks it cold. His coach is hopping around. The USA section is hopping around. The arena music is hopping around to "No Speak Americano," then starts playing the intro to "Beat It." He is not rewarded, getting only an 8.966 E to go 15.666 into 3rd. BOOOOO.

Liu CHN - Clean routine, but a low dismount and hop could kill him. Only 15.633, into 4th.

van Gelder NED - Okay, it looks like he's playing with the multiple Malteses here - insane strength. Disguises steps on the dismount. He lost the lottery on his chest - only 15.533 into 5th.

And now there's an inquiry for Wynn's score! Let's see if his D score gets raised.

Yamamuro JPN - Yamamuro has already picked up swing, but dampened it down nicely during his strength transitions. Looking tired towards the end - low double layout 2/1, low & hop forward. 15.433 into 7th.

And we're still waiting for Wynn's inquiry.

Now judging by coach Casmiro Suarez's reaction with the judges, his D score has not been raised and the results stand, which I'm fine with. They are:

Men's Finals - Rings ResultsRkNameNOCTotal1NABARRETE ZANETTI ArthurBRA
3WYNN BrandonUSA
5van GELDER LambertusNED

A bronze for the bronze Wynn! And a silver for the rather silver Balandin. And a gold for Warm Nabarette!

Hey, why does Brazil get anthem words and no one else does? They're already posing for pictures when the announcer tells them to pose for a picture. Because apparently the announcer reads words, and does not look up. Disembodied voices hat are the arena music wail them off the podium. And now the winners walk off again to Blurred Lines because hey hey hey! Gah.

Thank you to King Kohei & Prince & the New Power Generation Kenzo! Thank you WynnGy  and your awesome coach Suarez - better color medal next time! Thank you Baladin for leaving me speechless - really, pressing up to everything on rings doesn't get you a gold? Thank you SeeMoneAy Biles - only DBF kept you off the bars podium! Thank you DBF! Thank you purple leos of Chna & USA! Thank you Longines & congrats to your 2 silver medals! Thank you IAmLegendre - your Olympic fx medal is in your sights! And congrats to everyone else. I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Very psyched for the live blog! I'm up, watching, and reading along. :)

  2. My internet suckssssss so the feed is horrendous!!! But im here!!

  3. Where are you watching it? Maybe theres a better feed than this BS

  4. I'm watching it through usagymworldscom/live and my feed is actually really good.

    Why is the new Japanese man's start value SO much higher than the others? I couldn't see it. I thought he looked messy.

  5. Oops, never mind. I missed the quad full (duh).

  6. Yeah - Kenzo literally does an extra twist on every pass, including his dismount quad full which is now named for him. Insane. --Catty

  7. Thank you sister Catty.gr8 review!

  8. I love Ruby H's bar routine. So cool to see different skills than the usual, even if she didn't hit completely this time.

  9. So happy you are back werqinging it. Alls I can say it heads should roll in Russia. Once again a depleted team and only Musty delivers. When is Putin gonna go after the Rodinenkos instead of the gays!
    If they sent Grishina I'm sure she would have at least done better than Paseka and Nabieva. Those girls are useless fillers.

    1. That's what I thought too about Grishina - until she imploded on floor at the Olympics. Anyway, I think she's on the Rod's poop list.

  10. The stoop shoot through from high to low that Harrold did is called the Zuchold. Named for Erika Zuchold of the former East Germany. She did that skill way back in the '60s according to archived videos on youtube! Ruby's routine was the most exciting imo followed by Musty's. Kyla's routine was lovely but she doesn't show a lot of huge releases, or something different like inverts. She needs to upgrade something on that event but can't figure out what.. :/

  11. Uchimura should of been above Dalton WTF only 0.2 in E difference? Dalton had two big 0.3 hops + one 0.1 step. Uchimura only had one 0.1 hop. Lets face it no one has better air form than Uchimura, so what is going on with the E scoring?

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