Saturday, September 28, 2013

Maroney for AA, Gymnastics Jesus for AJ - by @CattyComments

Kittens, it's me, Catty Comments!

A stunning, and yes, quite catty move for Team USA this morning. After Brenna Dowell participated in Subdivision 1 podium training (with Kyla Ross), where she only trained vault & bars, USA Gymnastics issued a press release saying that Dowell was now an alternate and that meme-sation OGM McKayla Maroney was competing AA.

Inside Gymnastics just released some quotes from Marta about the situation. From that article:

“McKayla picked up the preparations very well and she showed much better consistency on those two events, so we felt that she definitely could be a contender in the All-Around scene and that’s why we decided this way.”
and later:
“Both Kyla and McKayla are very dedicated and they really love the sport and they love to compete,” Karolyi said. “After they finished their duties or their hectic (post-Olympic) schedule, they definitely were going into a very systematic preparation, just like they did just before the Olympics, because that’s the condition - just because you won a gold medal doesn’t mean you will be a different person and you can do wonders! You have to be very objective and realize that the results came after consistent and every day work. So, they are smart enough girls and clearly understand that. They implemented a very disciplined, regimented training lifestyle after they finished with the appearances.” 
Translated: "Maroney starves like Kyla." Seriously, she's lost weight since P&G. If Marta were to put up the most inspirational quote she can think of in a giant banner at the ranch, it would be, "Have you starved like Kyla?"

Also interesting is that Maroney will get the coveted 4th subdivision spot, over Ross (1st subdivision) and Biles (3rd subdivision). Even in this day of more objective scoring and better judging technology, scores will rise into the later subdivisions. To me this move indicates that Marta is rooting for Maroney as an AAer and wants Maroney to also make fx finals. If Ross hits she'll easily make beam finals and probably bars finals. Biles has a better chance in subdiv 3 for a spot in floor EF if she hits, and Biles & Maroney are locks for vault finals.

Great quotable Marta video interview to Gymnastike earlier today. Yes, Kyla is a classy gymnast.

AJ thinks this is all clearly a demonstration of Marta's ultimate love for Maroney, and that Marta has shed any semblance of being nice. AJ's delightful quotes this morning:

"I love Maroney - however. Putting a 4th member of the team on the floor benefits the USA team chances for next worlds. This is a curious move, because this could backfire. Ross could grow another foot, Maroney could get another concussion, Biles could become the next Atler..."


"Maroney does every bars routine with a heavy spot. Like, she's not ready for competition."


"However, my inner Wendy Williams loves all of this." 

Paseka is out with a pinched nerve in her back, and AJ is thrilled to have Rodionova perform floor over Paseka.

The above is all proof that Gymnastics Jesus loves AJ.

But hey - sit back and smoke an electronic cigarette to this lovely Kyla beam routine from today's podium training. Good times!

I'll also live blog whenever streaming video is available. Other than that, I'll be on twitter with the rest of us crackheads trying to get info & updates from Qualifications. And hey, if anyone were to ever actually televise or stream Qualifications, they'll get my undying love and Gymnastike Gold money.


--Catty Comments


  1. Musty looks nervous and slow.

  2. I think USAG is live streaming qualifications on their youtube channel.

  3. I'm glad I came to see if there would be a post. Hurray!

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