Friday, July 6, 2012

This and That

McKayla Maroney on her close relationship with Kyla Ross

It looks like Carolina Kostner will retire from competition.  If she is unsure at this part of the summer, it will be difficult for her to get in the shape needed to compete on the Grand Prix.  While we will be sad to see her go after she finally grew on us, she is never going to be the best in the world again.  Like Jill Trenary, this was her moment.  It has passed.

Miki Ando is speaking out of both sides of her mouth.  She claims she doesn't think she will be ready to compete on the Grand Prix, yet says it is her goal to win the Grand Prix Final.

Joy Womack announced that she will join the Bolshoi Ballet.  She is the first American to ever join the company.  (Video included.)

Nastia Liukin on HLN.

Chinese Nationals Podium Training Subdivision 2

Bart Conner, Nadia Comaneci, Mary Lou Retton, Janet Evans, Shawn Johnson and Greg Louganis got to visit the home of Oprah, as she is as desperate for ratings as Katie Holmes is to keep her young alien away from the grips of Scientology.  I am sure we will find out that Oprah has dreams of sticking a vault like Mary Lou.

Johnny Weir is on Say Yes To The Dress tonight!

The charming Xu Yue

Xu Li

Luo Huan


  1. I just can not believe that maroney and ross are friends. I have never seen them together at any of the events. This screams to me of the whole Jamie and vanessa friendship. Purely for media, which makes me wonder if Ross went pro as well. Who cares, they are both too dull to care about.

    1. There were plenty of pictures of Kyla with McKayla, Aly, and Jordyn during warm-ups to both Nationals and Trials.

  2. I thought it was for media too but there's another clip of Maroney tearing up at the idea of her and Ross on the team.

  3. Yea probably crying because she hoped she would break her leg. Lets face it at this level all of these bitches hope that their competition would have life ending injuries.

  4. Nice to see Oprah is as stupid as the rest of the world when it comes to gymnastics in the United states.

    The one hit wonder and Shawn. Yep America's best gymnasts ever!!!!!

  5. Alicia and Nastia are the fake friends. They never talked outside of facebook and twitter then Alicia stopped following Nastia.

    Real friends don't need to do it through facebook and twitter. They do it in real life. My best friend and I live 2 towns away from each other and never spend time chatting on facebook and twitter. Mckayla and Kyla have been friends for years and don't need to parade their friendship in front of the world to see.

  6. I don't think she's really pretending they are super-close since the point she went to separate gyms, just that they were close when they were very young. Most of us have friends like that in high school: people we were close with when we were in elementary school and junior high but drifted away from because of different classes/different friends, but are still friendly with. Calling her a best friend is obviously an exaggeration but hey, she's a teenager. It's BFF or nothing!

  7. why would they make up that they're friends? not like some company is going to give them $ for being friends

  8. Carolina has been saying she will probably retire since the day after the world championship, she will carry on with her opera on ice project and other things but we won't see her competing again...which is glad she ended her career in such a beautuful way, she made us italian very proud (even when disaster stroke and she didn't seem capable of putting herself together - she actually handled her fauilures and meltdowns very well, very nastia style). Go Carolina go and swarovski it all!!!

  9. Dear God, those outfits are tragic.