Friday, July 6, 2012

Favorite Things: Best on the Bars

The amazing Bi Wenjing.

The butch Dagmar Kersten was wonderful on the asymmetric bars.

The divine Ma Yanhong

Lu Li's moment of sheer perfection.


The great Elena Mukhina

Tim Dagget saw Ling Jie as a junior and never let us forget it!

The Queen of Finesse

Little Li Ya had major talent

The butchest bar routine you ever will see.  Produnova makes the men look like sissies.

Anastasia at her best.

The perfect 10

The revolutionary


  1. Love all of them. I enjoy Fan Di, too. Her '89 Worlds routine is simple by today's standards, but it is executed perfectly. Her 10 was, in my opinion, completely justified - I don't recall seeing a single flaw in that routine.

  2. ahh Sveta I am glad she won that 00 UB EF gold

  3. Dagmar Kersten love...she was really, really good in '85 until she was broken by the GDR and disappeared for three years and showed up with a huge rack in Seoul and was the primary benefactor of Ellen Berger's considerable presence.

  4. i'm glad they switched how far the bar are apart, back in the 70s those routines looked like they hurt to hit the bars like that, and it's not fun to watch it

  5. I still think Teodora Ungureanu was better on bars than I almost said Nastia there. More difficult and interesting, but still impeccable form. I've heard the argument a few times that she had tiny pauses that Nadia didn't and that's why she didn't score as high, but it's more likely to be her being the shadow of the big name.