Monday, July 2, 2012

This and That

Jeneba Tarmoh refuses to compete in tonight's tie-breaking runoff for the third spot in the 100 meters.  She feels that she already earned her spot and that everyone is against her. Do you think she made the right decision?

Yu-Na says she has not decided who will coach her, but she will compete at an international event when she is back in shape.  She will not be ready for the Grand Prix series, but she vows to return to form and not focus on the result.  David Wilson will remain her choreographer.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva is training in Italy (with Alex Johnson) on a quest for domination of next season.  She has not settled on music for her short, but is considering Love Story.  She will skate to a remix of Ochi Chernye (Black Eyes aka Dark Eyes) for her long program.

Daisuke Takahashi reveals he will retire after Sochi but may skate professionally in shows.

Michelle Kwan reveals how not winning the gold changed her outlook on life.

Social media changed the Olympic for Kristi Yamaguchi.  She admits to being a huge fan of Nastia Liukin and Ryan Lochte.

Michael Phelps withdrew from the 200-meter freestyle.  Seven events is enough for him at the Olympic Games.

Garrett Kling's YAS finale trio with Ryan Bradley and Hubbell & Donohue

Garrett Kling's solo piece.

Mark Hanretty's trio

Mark's solo


  1. Don’t worry Michelle….for not having been rightfully given the gold twice the usfsa has suffered and now skating isn’t popular in the US.

  2. Girl Jeneba, you need to stop sassing me. I know it would be nice to stay home and rest, but I don't make the rules. You are too talented to let this hurt your Olympic dream. You can't win every battle by being a recalcitrant bitch. You gotta play the game.

    1. Jeneba's on the 4x100 relay.

  3. This typo is another of your Freudian slips.

    "Michelle Kwan reveals how now winning the gold changed her outlook on life."

    She "now won the gold" twice, three times if you count Torino. How many times can you change your outlook on life?

  4. Why didn't you mention that Mark Hanretty was the winner of YAS3?

  5. I don't understand why it's so urgent to immediately name the individual runner for the 100m, since they're both on the olympic team because of the relay. It seems stupid to make that such a huge big issue right now. If anyone has insight, please share. I'm starting to suspect "manufactured by NBC for our viewing pleasure."

  6. While the relay team can be changed, they nail down who will be doing each event and the alternates. The USATF has always, even in the amateur days, determined the individual race competitors solely based on trials. It's possible that they have given berths to world record holders based on that, but I'm not even sure. I think it would be unworkable to leave it open. People would sue and accusations would fly. This is not a sport for docile and compliant individuals. Hell, most of them are so high on performance enhancing hormones that they can't help but talk trash and start fights!

  7. Pretty sad. Tarmoh was originally declared the winner of the third spot. If the 4th place finisher hadn't been a star a la Felix, I'm sure it would have stood. Something's rotten in Eugene, or more likely, at NBC. That said, I wish she'd have gone ahead and raced.

  8. In the end Michelle did win. They need her more than she needs them now. They wanted her out so bad now she's out and doesn't skate much anymore.