Thursday, July 5, 2012

Podium Training at Chinese Junior Nationals

My new adopted daughter: Lu Jiaqi.  She just came over in a box with the new happy meals and is fantastic.

Subdivision 1

More adoptee choices after the jump.  Who will be coming home in your suitcase?

Guo Xiaoyi

Hua Ruixue

Lou Nina

Luo Huan

Wang Wei

Xie Wenwei

Yuan Xiaoyang

Zhu Siyan


  1. Ok this might be a ridiculous question, but are Jiaqi Lu and Sui Lu related in some way? She looks quite a bit like her, and moves like her. Although, maybe the shared fx music is just coloring my perception. Or maybe they were trained by the same coach/gym, when they were younger? That would help them move the same.

  2. What's up with the socks?

  3. They look like they are barely out of diapers! I think the socks are cute, toes are so fugly.

  4. No Lu Jiaqi and Sui Lu aren't related. "Lu" is Lu Jiaqi's family name and "Sui" is Sui Lu's.

    1. They all look the same. Reminds me of Anna Li.

  5. I think the socks on FX is just an accident waiting to happen. One slip on a tumbling pass on those socks & there could be a huge crash & burn. I don't think it's worth it just to make your triple turns a little easier.

    And OMG those little nuggets. So tiny!