Thursday, July 5, 2012

Photo of the Day: The Craziest Gals on TV

These yentas are beyond a guilty pleasure.  Watching them chat is a reason for breathing.  (You know you agree.)  For years, Regis was hogging Kathie Lee's oxygen.  We knew she was out there, but we had NO IDEA about her level of fabulous insanity.  Now that she is at that age where women feel comfortable saying whatever they feel, we have new reason to love our favorite kook.  There are times you simply can't believe these two are allowed to be on television.


  1. Kathie Lee was always this insane and everybody knew it, you just weren't born yet.

  2. I agree. She's less full of herself than she used to be which makes her more enjoyable to watch. Being paired with a woman brings out another side of her. She behaves less like an overbearing wife. Instead we get drunk gal pals at brunch.