Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This and That

This should come as a shock to no one: the Chinese Skating Federation is being investigated for allegations of age falsification.  Kudos to Nancy Armour for getting to the bottom of it.  These allegations originally began as a discussion on FSU.  If true, the allegations mean that Sui and Han are ineligible for Junior Worlds, let alone competing at Senior International competitions under the ISU.  Nancy indicates that the ISU has been very strict about their age rules.  They did not bend from pressure to allow Sasha Cohen to compete at the 2000 World Championships or to allow Mao Asada or Yu-Na Kim to compete at the 2006 Olympic Games.  The IOC is also aware of the allegations, as they indicate that Zhang Dan was ineligible to compete at the 2002 Olympic Games. Though the Zhangs did not win a medal at the time, it is likely that the IOC will have to take action.  This comes less than a year after the IOC stripped the 2000 Chinese Women's Gymnastics Team of their bronze medals due to two team members being declared ineligible.  That decision is largely believed to be a trade-off, as several members of the 2008 Chinese Women's Gymnastics Team had numerous documents showing them to be underage.  The government provided passports and family registration cards, which obviously could've been reprinted by the government to avoid embarrassment.

Kexin Zhang was removed from the entry list at Four Continents after it was revealed that her listed birthdate made her ineligible for the competition.

Bobrova and Soloviev hope to medal at Worlds.

 A recent interview with Alissa Czisny.  This article is proof that an interviewer must ask currently-competing athletes extremely specific questions when interviewing them in order to avoid evasive, worthless answers.  The final question in the interview is "Do you have goals for the World Championships?"  Duh.  Yes, Alissa has goals.  She responded as much and said that one of her goals is to help the US get three spots for next year.  Had the interviewer been prepared for dealing with the BS of currently-competing athletes (Michelle Kwan-type answers), they could've asked, "Aside from skating your best, what are your goals for the World Championships?"  Otherwise, the answer isn't worth the free space it is printed in.

Mark Kerrigan blames cough syrup for failing an alcohol screening while on home confinement as he awaits his day in court for the manslaughter charges he faces for the death of his father.  The Kerrigan family has said they're behind him, which seems to be a giant Jackson-family type coverup support led by a matriarch who doesn't want to see her own kin in prison.  Mark Kerrigan did only blow a .035, which may indicate one drink or the use of actual medicine.

Apparently, this commercial is to sell a phone.  I'm not sure what it has to do with a phone, but I'll buy it if Yu-Na and her DDR-loving friends want to come over and dance around my house.

Ekaterina Gordeeva was interviewed by Lifeskate about her return to Stars on Ice.

Yesterday was a big media day for SOI, as Belgosto went to Boston to drum up interest in the tour and ticket sales.  The cast is currently rehearsing before they kick off their 25th Anniversary Tour and try to convince everyone that it is very different from every other year by bringing back Kurt and Katia (two skaters surely worth seeing any year.)

Evan Lysacek is out doing media today and took a photo reading DWTS-friend Cheryl Burke's book, which comes out today.  Cheryl and Evan are both represented by Yuki Saegusa, a Senior VP at IMG.

Anna Bessonova proved that she is still the HBIC of RSG at the 2011 Miss Valentine Gala.


  1. Katia still looks gorgeous, even at 40ish. Although I think she'd look better letting her hair go back to its natural color and NOT plucking the eyebrows.

    Love the way Evan is concentrating so intently on what must be a terribly highbrow book. I'm sure it's deeply intellectual.

  2. In defense of Laura from Required Elements, some of her questions in the Czisny interview were much better than the one about Worlds.

    Jen is so right about Katia. And Evan looks like he needs reading glasses.

  3. Aunt Joyce, I think you mean MARK Kerrigan, not Daniel. I know that you know that and it was just a mental slip, but just wanted to clarify for others who read it.

  4. I thought the Alissa Czisny interview was actually quite good and very specific for the most part, addressing things from the Superbowl commercial to the elimination of the spiral sequence. I don't understand why you choose to focus on the one vague question.

  5. a .35 blood alcohol is almost compatible with death. To get that he would have to chug about a gallon of Nyquil

  6. I hope China can really work on developing its skating program. There shouldn't be so few skaters in a huge country like China that 13 year old Sui is paired with a 21 year old short guy who isn't age eligible for any years of Jr competition unless they change his age. Silly.

  7. Katia looks so beautiful still, although I agree with the other poster that she should go back to her natural colour - although perhaps she felt the odd one out when her husband and daughters are all blonde?

    I wish she and Ilia would skate together again!