Wednesday, February 2, 2011

European Championships: The Ladies Free Skate

I never got around to posting these.  Videos and results after the jump!

Official Free Skate Scores

Final Standings:
1. Sarah Meier
2. Carolina Kostner
3. Kiira Korpi
4. Ksenia Makarova
5. Alena Leonova
6. Viktoria Helgesson
7. Ira Vannut
8. Elene Gedevanishvili
9. Mae Berenice Miete
10. Valentia Marchei


  1. Sarah Meier screwing up my fantasy again, ugh.

  2. What a wonderful moment for Sarah! She deserves it. I liked Caro's program even with the mistake. Her programs this year both short and long are nicely choreographed.

  3. wow the european ladies are in a sad state. the best thing about the event was Kira's LP dress.

  4. I've seen abortions performed, and they are nothing like a Carolina Kostner performance. That she won the FS with that is inexplicable.


  5. Meier's reaction to winning was completely adorable though. One of the best reactions I've seen in a long while

  6. Ugh, I hate that I like Kostner's programs so much this yr. The jump content isn't there, but ugh, I love her music. And her 2A-3T is pretty decent.

  7. Postings on 2 and 3 Feb: You weren't there - otherwise you would not say that about the European ladies. Sarah Meier put in an incredible performance. And Kostner's LP was not bad, considering I am not much of a fan.

  8. Re: Leonova. What the f***?