Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Question of the Day

Should Iyanla have been giving Vanessa Atler or ANYONE advice on Starting Over?


  1. Yikes- she actually had some substance when she first appeared on the scene, but she's now reminds me of a Norma Desmond /Willy Lomand type character.
    She screwed up, she knows it now, and is now all desperate fluff/feathers/gyrations/ histrionics -all in distraction from this very quiet truth.
    With all of the shrieking and gyrating, it was actually hard to determine what Iyanla was saying.
    One very good thing that comes of this: If this doesn't cure a person of guru-worship: nothing will.

  2. I always thought Iyanla was eating oprahs pussy. Dont know why just always thought it.

  3. I don't get it. I get that she's Oprah and we're supposed to bronze whatever drool drips off her chin, but really: Why is anyone supposed to care about the relationship between Oprah and a has-been like Iyanla? I'm guessing 99 percent of America hasn't heard of her. The one percent who have are gymnastic fans who watched Vanessa Atler's season of "Starting Over."

  4. Out of curiosity as a gymnastics fan, I watched the ep where Vanessa came to the house and told everyone her sad story, and one of the 'counselors' gave Vanessa a rather creepy "bear hug" and didn't let go for awhile. Can't remember--was that Ivanla? Vanessa's expression said it all: "You've made your point, now LET ME GO I can get away from you!" It gave the the creeps and I never watched another ep of that show. Ugh...