Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Gym Dog Show

This program was much more fabulous when the head coach loved the gays.  Let this be a warning to everyone: this is what happens when you become Southern and Country.

Is anyone developing a slight crush on Kevin Copp?  Every time that boy identifies a release...  ;)

This show also features another glorious speech from Courtney McCool on coaching...UGA's extemporaneous speaker knows how to turn a yes or no question into a twenty minus diatribe.  "It was as if the breath of life filled me on that beam and kept me from falling on that side somi."

Question of the week...should Jay be in the group that does extra cardio each week?


  1. Is there footage to be found of the Gym Dog Show from the Yoculan era?

  2. I ADORE Kevin Copp. He has worked his ass off to understand the sport and clearly has a huge appreciation for it. Love him!

  3. Cardio or not, Jay's going to need to be doing something. Even with the judges throwing the home team every gimme possible, Florida just flattened the Gymdogs at the Stegeman: 197.725 to 196.6


  5. Love Kevin Copp too...he's amazing. I wish that he could sit next to the judges at Stegeman so that he could identify deductions to them since they clearly can't see them themselves. He always points it out when the Gymdogs have missed handstands, bobbles, etc.

    Jay called the Gymdogs "chicken" in a news article this weekend. I'm proud of him for that..he is slowly learning not to sugarcoat stuff. I hope he gets in some people's faces this week.