Sunday, February 13, 2011

This and That

The University of Michigan recorded a solid 196.500 today, finishing three tenths behind Stanford.  Nebraska was a non-factor.  The highlights of the meet were Kylee Botterman's 10 on Vault and Trish Wilson's 9.925 on bars after missing two years of competition due to knee injuries.  Trish is from Calamity Gina's gym and like the Gym Dog had a great level 10 career only to have injury after injury in college.  Both had issues during their club careers, but were never the messes they became in NCAA.

A feature on Stolbova and Klimov

ESPN video on the enduring legacy of the 1961 US World Team.

The Gators at Georgia:

Jay Clark is pissy about how UGA performed.  Some of it comes back to his coaching and his demeanor.  They don't have the roster to win at this point in time.  He complains that they are weak in terms of depth and yet he gave a scholarship to an Arizona-level mediocre Level 10 who contributes nothing to the team.  Cat Hires is another girl who one questioned why he signed her before she ever set foot on campus.

Nica Hults on beam at the Texas Prime Meet

Claire Boyce at the Texas Prime Meet.  She will make a fab NCAA gymnast one day.  Elite career...not so much.  It is such a shame that Kim Zmeskal apparently did that non-existent mess called 'choreography' for that floor routine.  She has a nice line and could clearly put it to better use.

Lloimincia Hall at the Texas Prime Meet.

Dare Maxwell at the Texas Prime Meet.


  1. Even if Nebraska is struggling this year, I think that Lora Evenstad has one of the prettiest full-ins in the NCAA. It's so much cleaner than UCLA's African tribal dancer.

  2. I'm sorry but who in their right mind calls their kid "Dare" ???

  3. Its a nickname. Her name is Mary.

  4. I wouldn't say Nebraska is struggling so bad this year: 49.375 on vault and bars on the road. They would have been up there with the other two teams if they hadn't had such a disastrous beam rotation.

  5. Agree on the Evenstad full-in... love the open tuck position. While I appreciate the in-bar geiger, I thought Trish's routine was overscored. She seemed sluggish throughout and maybe it was the angle but the handstands didn't look like they all were where they should be for a judge to give a 9.95. Loved the technique on the double lo dismount though.