Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This and That Bonus

Cheryl Burke is out promoting her book and just made it to the set of Good Morning America with five minutes to spare.  While some commenters on this blog have asked what she could possibly have to talk about, it appears that her book may be worth a read.  Cheryl discusses sexual abuse, self-esteem issues, weight issues and becoming known as a party girl in the public eye.  Sadly, it does not seem that she has made any big revelations about getting it on with Drew Lachey.

Miss Val discussed UCLA's performance at Chicago Style.  Sadly, she is not delivering any of her infamous icy glares at the camera.

For those who can't get enough of this terrible trio, Evan Lysacek, Sarah Hughes and Tara Lipinski will be getting some face time for themselves and promoting RISE by ringing the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange this afternoon at 3:59 PM.


  1. lysaceks win is such a disgrace to the sport. No quad? ridiculous and cowardly for the WHOLE program

  2. Like your English?

  3. Lysacek deserved to win and he won fair and square. Get over it already!

    Haha nice, Anonymous at 1:12PM :P

  4. Cheryl Burke a party girl? Shocking! Not.