Saturday, February 12, 2011

This and That

Denney and Barrett are out of the Four Continents Championships, after Jeremy's leg was sliced in a training accident.  Marley and Brubaker will replace them.  This is certainly a big opportunity for the pair so early in their career together.

A photo of Jeremy's leg before the 42 stitches.

Ilia Kulik's plans for a skating school were approve in Lake Forest, California.

Paul Ruggeri is out for the season after rupturing the peroneal ligament on the lateral side of his left ankle.

The University of Florida Gators posted the highest score in the country (197.725) at UGA.  The Gym Dogs only posted a 196.600 despite massing cheating for them by the judges.  Shayla Worley's bar scores was questionable when she got a 9.925...after typically scoring a tenth lower each week due to body positions and missed handstands.  The real story was her beam routine.  Shayla was delivering the best beam routine of her NCAA career until missing her foot and falling on her dismount.  Still, the judges scored the routine a impossible score.  The judges were Susan Ammerman, a Brevet judge from Florida and Cynthia Davis, a Level 10 judges from Georgia.

Kat Ding did receive a legitimate 9.975 for her bar routine and tied for the event title with Alaina Johnson.  UF went 1-2-3 in the All-Around with Johnson, Dickerson and Caquatto.  Marissa King only competed vault after suffering a sprained arch in her foot prior to the meet.  It is now time for the Gators to switch up the lineup and avoid peaking too soon.

The meet will air on ESPNU at 7 PM on Thursday, February 17th.

The Crimson Tide put up a season-best score (197.075) last night.

Blahtah posted a 196.975 at home.

The real story seems to be Oklahoma, who scored a 197.225 on the road.  The team is really fit and coming on strong.  KJ Kindler has made sure to request routine inquiries from each meet in order to know where the deductions are coming from.  KJ's choreography is really coming along and many are beginning to feel that she may be as talented as Val Kondos when on top of her game.  Both bar judges awarded Taylor Spears a 9.900 on bars, which makes her one of the most successful WOGA gymnasts in college already.  The girls from Plano are finally being respectable in college.

Victoria Moors became the first Canadian to land a double-double on floor tonight at the Nadia Comaneci Invitational.  Mack Brannan won the AA in the junior division.


  1. ouch ouch ouch for Jeremy. Hope he heals fast. It would be very surprising if they skate at Worlds, which would be insane for Rockne and Mary-Beth.

  2. The US only has 2 spots for worlds, so only Yankowskas/Coughlin and Evora/Ladwig will be going.

  3. Too bad about Paul! He was having a great season & even year overall. Lets hope for a speedy recovery from him!

    --> This was the vault that inside gymnastics says he hurt himself on.

  4. We have three spots for 4CC, though, which is a huge opportunity for Marley & Brubaker.

    That picture is brutal.

  5. "Both bar judges awarded Taylor Spears a 9.900 on bars, which makes her one of the most successful WOGA gymnasts in college already. The girls from Plano are finally being respectable in college."

    LOL- you always crack me up! But let's give our home girl Nikki Childs come credit. She had her bright spots definitely lol

  6. I watched OU in person at Washington and was beyond impressed. They were the most in shape college team I've ever seen and extremely disciplined. They got screwed on bars and beam with some crappy judges and KJ was frightening. Their choreography is actual dance; not just foot flexing quasi-hip hop that the Bruins try to pass off as unique. I appreciate some of UCLA's routines but think Val's style is getting old. KJ's choreography was refreshing and their music was unique.

  7. I actually don't think Kat Ding's 9.975 or Johnson's 9.975 was warranted. Kat's bars looked a little labored to me, especially the half-pirouette on the low bar. However, all of the bar routines seemed to be .025 to .05 too high IMO.

    Beam scoring for UGA was absolutely ridiculous though and beyond general home cooking. The judge who gave McComb a 9.9 for a routine that deserved a 9.7 at best and 9.85 to Tanella is on crack or needs her eyes checked.

  8. Poor Jeremy!! Forthcoming title on "Skate Blades Are Dangerous," by Jeremy Barrett and Evan Bates.

  9. Yikes re: Jeremy's leg! Hope he's soon healed.

  10. "Forthcoming title on "Skate Blades Are Dangerous," by Jeremy Barrett and Evan Bates."

    Heh. Foreword by Jessica Dube.