Monday, November 26, 2012

A Look at the Favorites

It will take for more cheating than last year to keep the gators down...even when the Caquatti inevitably break themselves by deluding themselves into thinking they can survive in tact as all-around gymnasts.

Pick your lineups...with and without the Caquatti...(or with only an ankle injury keeping them off the leg events.)

With so much competition and opportunity to switch up the lineups and upgrade, the Gators have their best opportunity to achieve greatness, rest top athletes and prevent themselves from peaking too early.

If only some of the Bruins could compete in slimming black leggings...


  1. And there you have it... an NCAA gymnastics team thats better than spain Italy and Australia... in preseason

  2. Three in a row for the Tide!!!

  3. Floor lineup is beastly