Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Secret Lives of Dancers

My Ballerina Husband

The first two episodes of this season haven't been as much fun without the bitchy homewrecker or her hot lover.  There isn't enough Jaered.  It has been a slow start to the season, but at least we get to see how crazy and neurotic some of these dancers actually are. Abigail, the principal who suffered an ankle injury during the first series, spends her days worrying if the new Black Swan hottie will be tall enough when she just could've googled him and discovered this for herself.  I do love the way people speak in the Commonwealth.  She's 'heard' he is quite attractive...clearly the RNZB doesn't pay her enough to afford an iPhone.  This is all likely very dramatic by New Zealand standards.  We can only wait until Ethan cracks the whip and forces the girls to starve themselves properly. It is high time the RNZB got rid of ballerinas with hips better suited for Jessica Simpson's Mom Jeans.

The Secret Lives of Dancers S02E02 from flowerbomb on Vimeo.


  1. Where could I find Season 1? This show seems amazing.

  2. I've been looking for Season 1 Episode 1 of this show for's on several torrent sites but there are no seeds for it. Do you by any chance have another link Aunt Joyce? I went through your old posts and saw that there were links posted here but they were all through megaupload which has been taken down... . I would be so thrilled if you had one.

  3. Vimeo only lets me upload one video a week, but I'll probably put up the first season when the current one finishes airing :)

  4. @flowerbomb SWEET! Thanks!!