Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This and That

France's Balance Beam Podium Training at the European Championships

Tanith Belbin's speech at Governing Council.

The USFSA revealed its funding envelopes for the upcoming season.  Of course, the comeback kids (Weir and Lysacek) are not included in the published envelope, but you have to wonder if they are being paid a similar amount to Jeremy Abbott.

Michael Weiss is stepping away from performing and will now be the host of the Disson Skating events.

Catching up with Todd Eldredge after hip surgery.

Yu-Na Kim began her four-week teaching internship.  Her first lesson: figure skating.  Yu-Na previously failed her University courses when she was busy training and out of the country.  She currently has a bit more time on her hands when she isn't drinking Hite Beer and singing Celine Dion at karaoke.

A recent exhibition by Adam Rippon.

Patrick Chan's Elegie In E Flat Minor at All That Skate.

Wes Campbell's Bolero

Raising Shawn Johnson

Jordyn Wieber and her mom on the Today Show.