Thursday, June 7, 2012

This and That

Shannon Miller-Zolciak changed wigs for yoga in St. Louis.  The Shannon Miller lifestyle is complicated!

Drobiazko and Vanagas reject Zueva's coaching proprosal.  Marina must be eating less than usual trying to dig her claws into another technical specialist.

Weir's latest headline quote, "Deep down I'm and old Russian lady."  (Decent interview.)

Behind the Scenes of Smash

Gabby Douglas feature.

Podium Training Interview Quotes...Vega can dance because she is Hispanic.

Alissa Czisny is resting comfortably after surgery.  She will be off the ice for four months (which should kill next season.)  If anyone ever needed a year off, it is Alissa.

Voir on the Igor-Marina split.

Chris Brooks: New Car, New Vault

Horton's Injury Was A Blessing

Alex Naddour on PH

Chris Brooks on PH

Horton on High Bar


  1. Love Drobiazko and Vanagas. I kind of wish that they had said yes just so that I can see them around and receive praise for their work because they didn't get their due when they skated competitively imo.

  2. Shannon had fucking cancer you piece of shit. She can wear whatever wig she wants. I hope you go bald. You are too stupid to even understand what hair means to a girl.

  3. I have to agree with anonymous @ 5:28pm. Shannon Miller lost her hair being treated for cancer and quite frankly should be off limits.

    Regardless of her hair before hand, it does not necessarily grow back the same as before; it can be better (personal opinion held by the person dealing with it) or worse (same).

    I have a friend who went from wavy brown hair before chemo to straight blond hair after. That was just how it grew back. My mother in law and a friend's mother were not nearly as fortunate and their hair grew back much thinner and lacking in any true colour or healthy look to it.

    So, regardless of how Shannon's hair grew back, if she want's to wear wigs then so be it. For goodness sake one the Housewives of whatchamacallit just "unveiled" her "natural" hair because she wears wigs all the time because she feels like it and she "looks good" in them.

    But, cutting into the choices of someone who has been treated for cancer is just ridiculous. Many people are surprised with how much the "vanity" side of cancer treatment side effects hit them (underestimate how attached they are to their hair etc) so if doing something to make themselves feel better/more confident works then all the better.

  4. Why don't the both of you just shove it. God people are so damn sensitive in this day and age. As far as I'm concerned he didn't say anything atrocious.

  5. Yeah I wouldn't have gone there when is comes to what Shannon is going through and people don't have to relax about cancer. Who knows what they too had to go through.

  6. Of course he didn't say anything atrocious, but the tone conveyed is enough, IMO. Everybody's experiences are different and no one has to be less sensitive about such a subject if they choose not to be. Any major illness, injury or accident can take a lot from a person and how they choose to cope is his or her perogative (sp?).