Friday, June 1, 2012

This and That


Mary Lou Retton news piece from JO Nationals.  We get a glimpse at her daughter.  Mary Lou is a wonderful bullshitter in this piece, as she claims to have looked up to friend Tami Elliot Harrison, who finished much lower than her at the 1984 Olympic Trials.  I almost believe her fake smile.

Jordyn Wieber's number one goal is to make the Olympic though they'd leave her off.  Next she will tell us that going to camp is great because they are all 'like sisters.'  Sadly, Jordyn makes Carly Patterson appear positively fascinating.

Interview with Christi Lukasiak about the summer premiere of

Dance Moms.

Lynn and Logan channel Naomi and Peter in Rob Mauti's Challenge 5 video for YAS.

Sean Rabbitt's Tribute to Ryan Bradley

Kristi Yamaguchi's fashion line will launch at Lord & Taylor this fall.  That is quite the step up from the Walmart line, though Walmart is where the $$ is.  It could be a big fall for Kristi if she writes a third book and appears on the all-star edition of DWTS.

Domninique Moceanu is preparing to announce a 'bombshell' in one week prior to the release of her memoir.  Guesses as to what that could be?

Misha Ge shows off his hip hop moves.

A wonderful piece by Emily Tuttle from YAS2.  That edition of YAS2 was rather quiet compared to this year's edition, but some of the work was positively fantastic.

An awkward Audrey video inviting us to the YAS finals.


  1. I saw Tami Harrison's gym compete at a meet this year. Her level 10's on bars blew me away! Seriously some fantastic gymnastics.

  2. Loved Lynn and Logan. They're adorable!

    What tips you off that Mary Lou is I ask because I find insincerity hard to spot. I always think people are genuine. Sigh.

  3. Five bucks says Moceanu's "bombshell" is that she was "sexually molested by Bela." Wait and see.

  4. I thought bike racing was riven with scandals, mostly involving ped's... but reading some of the gym threads from, Marta haters, Raisman bashers, Grandi loathers, rabid Memmel fans, USAG despisers, and now I can hardly wait, more Moceanu chest beating, I'm actually pretty amazed gym meets don't turn into soccer riots.

  5. seriously, that Wieber article is not the greatest I've read. They're making it sound like the olympic AA gold is hers to loose (at lest they didn't mention she will win because she won the american cup). Sure, she's one of the major contenders but an article that says Komova and Mustafina are pretty much done (anyone who knows gymnastics would know they're not done), doesn't even mention Iordache's or Yao's, Kyla's Grishina's, Douglas' name... whatever.

  6. Maybe Dominique is pregnant with her third future Olympian??