Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This and That

Gabby Douglas nails an Amanar in podium training.

Anna Li's Championships outlook.  Anna has smartly opted for bars and beam.  Her Yurchenko Full wasn't going to impact the team.  I believe the only real reason her coaches had her do four events was to get in the best shape of her life.

Alicia Sacramone at podium training.  She is rumored to be training floor.

It is rumored that Maroney will stick to vault and beam at Championships.  It likely doesn't matter, as she is a near lock for the team.  Maroney needs to nail her floor routine, but she also needs to keep her body in one piece through London.

Dominique Moceanu will be on 20/20 this Friday at 10 p.m.  Tune in to see her reveal a bombshell that left the entire crew in tears!

A feature on likely second alternate Sarah Finnegan.

An excerpt from Shawn Johnson's book.

The day Greg Louganis triumphed over his bullies.

The Aussie Training Squad was announced.  No surprises.  The twelve in contention are: Ashleigh Brennan, Georgia Bonora, Lauren Mitchell, Daria Joura, Olivia Vivian, Georgia Wheeler, Chloe Sims, Georgia-Rose Brown, Angela Donald, Larrissa Miller, Emily Little and Mary-Ann Monckton.

How institutional changes led to U.S. Success in gymnastics.  (The fall of communism really was incidental to trips to the ranch...)

Feature on Dara Torres

Horton wants another Olympic moment.

Tommy Steenberg's Lambiel Tribute


  1. I see that ASac has a trashy new Lohan-esque inner forearm tat.

  2. NOOOOOOO Anna I loved your floor. I was really hoping she would be able to put it all together

  3. We really think that McKayla is a lock? Because I need that girl on the team and every other person seems to think she's not a guarantee because others can throw Amanars.

    But the others don't usually hit 16+ in international competition. Talk about a cushion! That's worth a major form break or protection against Jordyn's bar routine.

    1. I'd say she's not a lock, but she's as close as you can be to being a lock without being a lock if that makes any sense. Based on what we've seen so far I'd say McKayla would not make it only if a bar specialist (I guess Liukin) does sth huge because if Wieber keeps screwing up 1/4 UB routines she does USA needs sb to do bars

    2. We might need two bars specialists to do something huge for that scenario to play out. At this stage I'd be totally unsurprised if a vault + floor and bars + beam girl get sent. Two bars girls would replace that vault spot. We do have a few bars specialists, though...

  4. Gabby's amanar looks much cleaner than Maroney's

    1. HAHAHAHA! Are you nuts?? Seriously?

    2. What's wrong w/ it? Legs pasted together. Nice height. Right down the middle. Nearly stuck it cold. DEAL!

    3. while it appears nice upon first glance (thoough not as nice as Maroney's) she is dreadfully close to missing that hand again...check it, does she perform it that way everytime? if si, that's scary...