Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This and That

Aly Raisman's workout.  Her form is as bad as her interviews, but there is something amusing about Aly that wins you over.  As Margaret Thatcher says, she isn't pretty at all, but she is going to hit like a sturdy German.  It makes her kind of good.

Kyla Ross...the ice queen.  All eyes will be on Kyla to see if she cries on the victory stand this summer.  No one likes a dry-eyed Olympic Champion.  Maybe we can get her some acting lessons to force a few tears?  Think of a traumatic childhood event...

Danell Leyva wants four gold medals in London.  Cocky much?

Florent Amodio finished filming The Free Program.  He will head to NYC for a three-week training camp before returning to France to train.  It is interesting that he will stay home to train.  Nikolai Morozov appears to be more of a manager than a coach.

Ebee Price gets hero's homecoming (with video)

Horton overcomes injuries to make Olympic Team

Michelle Kwan ups her popularity and earnings potential in South Korea by saying Kim Yu-Na has a balance of beauty and athleticism.  (Natasha would like her to turn out her free leg and lower her shoulders.)

The Artistic Heart of Skating Torn Out

Our Asian sisters are working hard at their conditioning to make up for their utter lack of power without Annie Lenox-fan Cheng Fei.

Cheng Fei's torn achilles: