Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shiva Rea Addiction

Right up there with reading about TomKat's divorce is my obsession with the yoga diva goddess known as Shiva Rea.  Yoga Shakti is a life-changing ass kicker.  I am loving her lunar flow yoga, which gets you to relax your body, relax your nervous system and then stretch even further than you thought you could.  This is extremely for all of us stiff old whores who dream of bending like Alina Kabayeva.  Her Dancing Warrior sequences are far more enjoyable than more static yoga sequences.  I'm really getting into vibe, the scenery, the music and the actual exercises.

Shiva Rea's ab workouts are far more enjoyable than doing sit ups and V-ups.  I have a strong core, yet some of the twisting ab exercises leave me feeling it the next day.  They are quite effective.

Shiva Rea is a bit woo-woo for my taste, but I am fine with it as long as I'm not doing it in the presence of others.  There is something about holding my nose and breathing in one nostril and out the other that makes me feel slightly self conscious in the presence of others.

This DVD is really helping me fix my Lordosis because I love it enough to do it daily. I mix up the different exercises with the yoga matrix, but always work on stretching my hip flexors, glutes and shoulders.  My shoulder blades are moving back into position, which also helps me look less tied down on the ice.  The hamstring stretches are really helping me release my knees and achieve greater knee bend on ice...which is helping with my gold moves.

Which Yoga DVDs and stretches are kicking your ass lately?