Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Canadian Trials Videos

I love that the Canadian Olympic Trails appear about as legitimate as an impromptu zone meet at Parkettes on a Wednesday circa 2002 when Nicole Harris needed to manage to stay on the beam after three previous failed zone meet attempts.  The crowd is about the same size.

Do you think these girls are capable of earning a trip to team finals?  Something tells me they are far too excited to have DTYs to be a sure bet.  The loss of Peng Peng Lee has hurt this team immensely.  Frankly, they appear to be an LSU of the international gymnastics world, sorely in need of a white rapper to lead them out of obscurity.









  1. What are DTY's, and LSU's?
    Gymnastics, in our country is a very small affair...not much media attention or funding..unfortunately hockey is what makes money and brings the crowds.

  2. DTY = Double Twisting Yurchenko
    The vault done by gymnasts who aren't doing the Amanar.

    LSU = Louisiana State University
    He's drawing a comparison to their competitiveness (or lack thereof) in the NCAA (USA college) gymnastics world.

  3. He's also being unnecessarily bitchy. The gymnasts aren't responsible for Gymnastics Canada's sucktastic promotional and organizational skills.

    I agree that PengPeng is a great loss to the team, but most of the girls selected have medalled recently at Pac Rims or on the World Cup circuit. Moors was 4th AA at American Cup and is considered a legit Floor finals contender. She has many of the same passes as Weiber - only done cleaner and with actual choreography in the routine. Except for Vaculik and Rogers, they're all pretty young: AFAIK Moors haven't turned 16 yet.