Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This and That

Volosozhar and Trankov look extremely impressive for skating together for such a short time.  Savchenko's twin sister finally has a proper stem to present her.  Their emotion in Carmina Burana is exceptional for such a new pair.

Melissa Gregory talks Skating With The Stars:

The Grand Prix Finalists:

Takahiko Kozuka
Daisuke Takahashi
Patrick Chan
Tomas Verner
Nobunari Oda
Florent Amodio

Alt. 1  Jeremy Abbott
Alt. 2  Brandon Mroz
Alt. 3  Adam Rippon

Miki Ando
Alissa Czisny
Carolina Kostner
Kanako Murakami
Akiko Suzuki
Rachael Flatt

Alt. 1.  Kiira Korpi
Alt. 2.  Mirai Nagasu
Alt. 3.  Ashley Wagner

Savchenko and Szolkowy
Pang and Tong
Bazarova Larionov
Moore-Towers and Moscovitch
Iliushechkina and Maisuradze
Sui and Han

Alt. 1.  Takahashi and Tran
Alt. 2.  Yankowskas and Coughlin
Alt. 3.  Lawrence and Swiegers

Pechalat and Bourzat
Crone and Poirier
Bobrova and Soloviev
Weaver and Poje
Hoffman and Zavozin

Alt. 1.  The Shibutanis
Alt. 2.  Chock and Zuerlein
Alt. 3.  Riazanova and Tkachenko

Team USA needs to hope a few skaters withdraw, otherwise the American representation will be quite sparse.

Anna Pavlova dominated the Khorkina Cup last weekend.  Pavlova was planning on retiring, but has reconsidered.  She was left off the World Team due to recurring knee issues, but competed well with a 57.300 AA total.  She won all event finals except floor, with his highest score being a 15.050 on Balance Beam.  Her highest score in the all-around competition was a 15.200 on vault.   Results

Anna's vault from the recent Moscow Dynamo Championships.

Ekaterina Gordeeva and the recent Holiday Memories Show:

Ilia Kulik at the recent Holiday Memories Show:

Mattie Larson is officially back training at AOGC, but she has been struggling after being out of the gym for a month.  Mattie is at a fork in the road and is currently deciding which way to move forward.

More videos from Bama's recent intrasquad.  Jordan Moore has not been in recent videos as she just had a rod inserted in her leg about five weeks ago.  They hope she'll be ready to do bars by the first meet, but as you see by the bars intrasquad, they certainly won't need to depend on her.  The Tide look about 49.400 on the event.

Ashley Priess is not on floor or vault yet as she is recovering from off-season ankle surgery.

The most nauseatingly sweet recruiting tool:


  1. Wow, that's cool that Anna Pavlova is back. She could have a chance as both Ksenias, Nabieva, and Dementieva haven't done that well, especially on beam. Basically, aside from Mustafina (and Komova), all the spots are pretty much open.

  2. Volosozhar and Trankov's SP is so much better than their LP. Too bad they have to compete at Backyard Russian Regionals instead of the GP, but their time will come. Random note, I had no idea Trankov was so tall.

  3. Nice vault from Pavs. Love her, and I could definitely see her making the team next year, though 2012 is a long shot. I hope she can get an amanar too, so we don't have to look at that fugly mess from Nabieva.

    Looking at Bama's bars, they should have a really nice lineup of I would guess, Jacob/Demeo, Sledge, Stack-Eaton, Hoffman, Moore, Priess if everyone can stay healthy. I still expect UCLA and UF to be the clear front runners, but Bama looks like they may be able to rebound better than it would be assumed after losing their senior class. Even the FX doesn't look as tacky. I don't think I heard any rap/hip-hop lol.

  4. If its a recruiting tool, then its a freakin' good one. Makes me want to be on that team.... and I'm a Auburn fan.

  5. Should I feel bad for Ilia Kulik? He's kept up a lot of his skills but there seem to be fewer and fewer venues for him to do his thing.

  6. I love how Volosozhar/Trankov have better unison in their spins than some pairs who have been skating together for years.

  7. Kulik needs to enter a real competition !!!

  8. WOW. Bama, the dancing.... its actually,..... good